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3D printing service - additive manufacturing

__3D printing is no longer a hype,
but the production of the future.

Through our cooperation with a neighboring company, we are able to use the latest industrial 3D printing technologies to produce complex metal and plastic components in a timely manner based on CAD data and without the use of tools and molds.

Application areas:




Electrical engineering

Machine &

Plant construction




Air &

Space travel


Medical technology

Advantages of 3D printing:

  • You no longer have to design tools and molds for the final component.

  • You reduce the development and production costs for components.

  • They shorten design and manufacturing processes.

  • They eliminate restrictions on the target design.

  • You can realize custom-made products.

  • You can realize series productions.

  • You can print items at high speed.

  • You can create complex geometries.

  • You have significantly less waste.

  • You have fewer transport routes and costs.

  • You can carry out individual product customization at any time without a significant increase in costs.

  • Do you want it short? You save a lot of resources in the company, and in a measurable way.

__All 3D printing processes work without tools

Since no molds or tools need to be adjusted, changes can be quickly incorporated into the process. Additive manufacturing significantly reduces the delivery time of components. Even single-piece production can be realized economically and at moderate prices. Typically, components are manufactured within 24 hours.

We provide solutions!

Let us advise you. We will find the suitable 3D printing process with the right material for your application.

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