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Special tools

__Special tasks require these days
special tools

In the field of special tools, we make almost anything possible today. With our core competencies in milling, turning, drilling, and threading, we are capable of designing any type of special tool for you. We are your point of contact when it comes to special tools for specific machining tasks.

In collaboration with our partner Hofmann & Vratny and their new online configurator, we offer you the opportunity to have solid carbide milling cutters precisely tailored to your needs and preferences.

Of course, we also manufacture other special tools from carbide, HSS, powder metallurgy steels, and PCD (also with laser-cut chip flutes) according to your individual specifications, and we can also provide coatings.

Whether it's step drills, drills, step reamers, reamers, or thread taps, we assist you in finding solutions, work together to develop machining proposals, and are happy to provide on-site consultation.


The best way to convince yourself is to get information directly – through an individual consultation or by contacting us today.

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