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Regrinding service

__For full performance
of your tools

What we offer:

  • Original manufacturer regrind

  • Original geometry

  • Regrinding on original production machines

  • Original coating

  • Easy, free pickup and delivery service

  • Free WK-Tooling tool box with inserts

  • Transparent prices

  • No hidden surcharges

  • Always regrind as little as possible and as much as necessary (depending on the degree of wear and type of tool)

  • Saves time and effort

  • Creates freedom for your core competence in machining

  • Regrinding of competitive products (not with original features)

  • Measurement protocols on request

The following products are eligible for reprocessing:


HSS drill


circular saw blades


Taps &


Thread milling cutter


milling cutter



Solid carbide drill


HSS milling cutter





Solid carbide milling cutter




__Quick and easy – this is how it works
WK-Tooling regrinding service:

You gather the tools that need to be regrinded in the WK-Tooling Tool-Box provided by us free of charge.

You fill out our order form, send it to us in advance via email. We generate a pickup order through our courier service and provide you with the shipping label, which you should attach to the WK-Tooling Tool-Box.

Alternatively, you can simply hand over the WK-Tooling Tool-Box to your WK-Tooling field service representative – they will take care of everything.

The regrinded tools will then be returned to you free of charge.

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