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Tool dispensing systems

__Precision, speed, perfect service and maximum cost-effectiveness

Different cabinet and storage systems offer you almost unlimited possibilities to store your items. Reliable and intelligent dispensing systems are the key to success, paying off quickly.

Through our collaboration with our partner Toolbase®, we are able to offer you professional dispensing systems that convince with reliability and versatility.


A well-organized tool assortment by Toolbase® and a secured tool dispensing are the foundations of every economic production. Automated processes ensure tool availability and prevent costly downtimes. The mature, ERP-compatible Toolbase® software ensures lean structures and efficient workflows. Toolbase® is the ideal tool for your tools.

Electronic tool dispensing systems provide more transparency in tool management and bring cost savings. Through sensitized employees and more targeted removal, the consumption of managed items can be reduced by up to 28%, and process costs can be lowered by up to 40%.

Due to automated reordering and transparent consumption, inventory costs and thus capital costs can be significantly reduced.

System advantages through TOOLBASE ®

  • Regrinding and measuring equipment management

  • Multi-supplier capable

  • Permanent availability of tools and other resources

  • Modular design, expandable and combinable

  • Intelligent software connection

  • Withdrawal security leads to cost-conscious handling

  • Automatic cost allocation upon withdrawal leads to cost transparency

  • Meaningful evaluations represent the most important key figures for decision-making

  • 24/7 availability guarantees security of supply

  • Connection to other warehouse or merchandise management systems enables efficient logistics processes

  • Modular design allows for step-by-step expansion

  • Various, combinable dispensing systems enable the storage of a wide variety of products

  • Simple software ensures high user acceptance

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